Monday, September 6, 2010

Wherein I actually lend a hand & stop complaining for a wee bit.....

Time to pay the karma bill.

 If you're looking for a few decent programs/utilities for your machine to make life a bit easier, here you go.

 First things first. Anitvirus!! 

Sadly, most ISP's (google it) tend to tell you that the stuff the have to offer is great.   They are wrong.  Telus ecare, Shaw secure, etc.are just bad.  Do not use any antivirus that an internet provider supplies. Unless they recommend something like the ones listed below.

Now, the 2 that I tend to use depend on whether your OS (operating system) is 32 or 64 bit. Don't worry, if you try to install the improper "flavour", your computer will tell you. For 32 bit OS (XP & most Vista), I use AVG. it's light & can take care of nearly all "older" machines. 

For a 64 bit OS (Windows 7 normally), I install MSE (Microsoft security essentials). It's surprisingly good compared to the older Microsoft live care, which is a steaming pile of crap.

I use these daily on machines that I setup. And when I say daily, I mean about 20 to 30 times....As with any antivirus utility installation, please be sure to UNINSTALL the previous utility. It's always best to disconnect from the internet before you kill off the old AV. Also note that if you are already infected, it's too late. Loading a new AV utility     won't     save     you. It's like getting the flu & 4 days later getting a flu shot.

Another handy program that I tend to use is Malwarebytes anti-malware. 

Next up..... Office stuff.

 I can't even begin to relate how tired I am of people asking if new machines come with a full version of word.

    They don't      You have to buy it      End of discussion

This however is free & works just fine.  I give you    Open Office!!!

 Embrace it people.   It's free.   You just have to learn an extra click or two.

Ok folks here's the last goodie for the day.  

Personally, I hate windows media player with a passion.    It's just crap.     So I use this instead.

VLC!!!   Works like a hot damn with nearly everything under the sun.

Now, stuff to avoid.......

Pretty much anything that says it will "clean your registry" or "find drivers for you".

They        don't         work

If they did I'd be using those in a heartbeat. The only way to do either is to;

A: Google it & read

B: See "A"

There is no magic disc or shortcut. If I find this "magic disc", I'll tell you.

And breathe..........

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