Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "magic" disc

Yet again another day at the hell I refer to as "work".

A young lad trundles into my shop (loaded with blingy bits & electronic shiny things) & hauls out his beloved Dell laptop. He describes his sad state, his lovely laptop won't "run". I, of course, pelt him with you usual barrage of questions & finally figure out that it will in fact turn on, just that his OS won't load.

He opens up his prized shiny to reveal a truly bashed up, keys missing, electrical tape & glue job power adapter piece of sh*t. Of course, the battery doesn't work & I have to wait for this git to figure out how to untangle a cord (took 5 minutes).

We finally get some power into it...Turn it on...wait....Hmmm.....Black screen with only a flashing cursor.....Reboot to safe mode.....wait....wait...

Same crap........

My young friend asks if I have a "disc" that I can put in to make it go faster. This of course causes me to raise an eyebrow & retort "Buddy, if I had a magic disc to make this piece of crap work faster, & not waste my time, it would've been in the machine already".

I tell my sadly misinformed lad that there may be some sort of virii/malware at hand & rattle off the repair prices to our young hero.

Of course I must be hiding this "magic disc of fix all"

He does not like my diagnosis & moves his sad laptop 15 feet over to another counter & proceeds to ask my younger ( AND MUCH LESS EXPERIENCED) counterpart the same questions. Not 30 seconds later, my co-worker asks me "Ummm...don't you think it's virused?"

I just smile. Then I reply back with repair costs that just went up %50.

No magic disc.....Go away.

The time traveller....

Young gent has bluray optical drive in for RMA. Same gent has no contact phone #. Same gent checks in daily regarding his RMA.

Gent: (Butting in whilst I'm busy) drops of here at about 12 or 1 pm right?
Me: Yup...........What time is it now?
Gent: Ummm....11:18 am
Me: You fail....Try again tomorrow. Go away till later.

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