Sunday, September 5, 2010

Give a monkey a brain...

  And he'll swear he's the centre of the universe...

 This post is about the nuckle draggers that think they can install an OS.  

  It's kind of like, watching a train wreck in slow motion....

 They come in & want an install disc for their machine. Of course they think that only one that will work is that one with the hologram on the back from 6 years ago. NEWS FLASH!! The burnt disc I made is the      exact      same    thing.   Hell,  I just used it to load an OS 2 hours ago.

 Yes, it will work.   All you need is the COA ( cue the stunned look & mental grinding noise ) to activate that.

After about 30 minutes of describing THE STICKER on the side of the computer,  they figure out that their "buddy" that last loaded their machine, as a favour, in fact hosed them by not giving them a license.

  Mr. Gates likes people to pay for his software & yes,  you have to pay for it.

  Do not pass go.     Do not collect $200.    Go directly to dumbass

 After they get the shiny disc & scamper of home to "save" money by doing their own install, they tend to call back about "not being able to get online" or "my display is really bad".  

 This would be filed under the "My boss is looking at me on the phone & wondering why I'm not making him money" situation.     You failed.     Bring in your computer.  

Go lay down

 This is why computers shops charge money to do this.  If it was easy then every one would do it. Guess what. 95% of the masses can't do it.         

          Odds are you're in that batch.  

           Give up.   Don't resist.  


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