Sunday, September 12, 2010

How my co worker felt...

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 Yup, just like that and only 15 minutes into the day....

   9 am strikes & the door swings open. My co worker greets the lady entering & is met with a torrent of...

Well..... Weapons grade stupid.

 This freakin' whack job starts going off about how she's living in a motel, but not on welfare, and how she was online wirelessly with her laptop & it disonnected for a split second. And then here antivirus stopped working because of that & so she called down to the front desk demanding that they replace her laptop AND get rid of the mice in her room AND how she's calling with a $1000 cellphone AND now she has a virus in her machine & can't do her ultra important work......

 All she was missing was a tinfoil hat.

  Luckily I had used the "hide & freeze" tactic during the opening diatribe. The owner walked around to a display system that we play our tunes on and loaded "Crazy" by Patsy Cline and let it rip.

 So, we left our hapless friend to his own demise. She foamed on & on for a good 15 minutes. Of course she didn't have her laptop with her or explain what she would like us to do for her.

 I eventually rescued my cohort by calling into the shop from my cell, answering it, put myself on hold & paged him due to a "very important" call. He excused himself to take the call & I laughed my ass off over the phone for a good minute or so until I heard her leave.

Yeah..... I don't mind seeing people suffer but that was even too much for me.

 Cheer up buddy. Only 8 hours & 45 minutes left to go.

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