Sunday, September 12, 2010

Price match logic fail

 Of course I get calls on a daily basis asking about pricing for various components. Video cards, RAM, hard drives, laptops.   You name it.   And most of the time, the caller is happy & will come in to buy said item.

 Then there are the "savvy" shoppers that look shit up on line or from ads in the paper.

They call in, & ask me to do a bug hunt for a specific item. I finally track it down from a supplier, rattle of the price & get the retort "Blah, blah has it on for this price. You should match it".

I of course ask where they found this amazing price for the product. which invariably is some far away country and online.

I look it up, and then point out that sadly, they are OUT OF STOCK and cannot therefore price match something that, doesn't exist.

Cue "logic fail"

C:  Tard caller

Me:  Our hero

C: Um....It says available in 2 months.

Me: Yup. I have it here my price.

C: I need it NOW....You should match that price.

Me: Hmmm....Maybe in 2 months when the cost drops we can sell it for $XXX, but for now with market demand it sells for $XXX here.

C: I'll go buy it somewhere else.

Me: Ok. I can't guarantee that we'll have that item later. It's selling pretty quick now. Have a good day.

  2 days later.....

Same idiot finds out that he can't buy his junk for a better price than mine anywhere & calls back.

C: Hi, I called about that thing a few days back & would like you to put one on hold for me.

Me: Hmmmm.....Seems as though we're fresh out at the moment..... Let me see if..


Me: Yes we did....And I recall telling you that they're selling really fast. Now we are out of stock.

C: *Whines* When will you have more?

Me: Let's see now... Hold please....The new ETA for stock is..........In about 2 months.

You can pretty much guess where the call goes from there. a lot of pissing & moaning. I actually did have stock, but the owner said "screw him" having had to deal with same idiot on more than one occasion.

To lazy to come in and buy stuff?  Not our problem.

And, breathe.......

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