Monday, September 6, 2010

Did I mention?

 Hmmmm.... Backing up your data.

 Considering the fact that a DVD costs about 25 cents & holds 4.7 gigabytes of info I consider it a rather cheap way to back up your stuff....Pictures of dead relatives..... That book you've been trying to write for 8 years....The recipes.... Hell, you can back up everything & anything!!! Even external hard drives are dirt cheap. Right now 1 Terabyte  ( 1,000 Gigs ) external HDD are about $100.

 But nooooo ...........That's just to hard to do.

Because we all know that it's waaaayyyy easier to leave that old back up thing till the last minute when our hard drive in the computer packs it in.

And then my friends, it's too late.

Data recovery from a deadish hard drive is usually $70 to $200 depending where you go to.

For a  DEAD hard drive the price starts @ $500 & goes up from there.

Don't be a fool      Back up your stuff     

Mr. T says 

"Only a fool don't back up his shit!"

And here would be a helpful link to make sure your hard drive isn't going to pack it in any day soon.

Again, this stuff is free.   Don't be lazy. 

When in doubt, back it up

Please keep Mr. T happy    We don't like to see him angry

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