Sunday, September 5, 2010

And so it begins.....

 Where to begin?  I've been sitting here trying to figure out where I should start. Something pithy? Something a wee bit sarcastic? Maybe a tip for the masses?  Nawwww...... Then I went outside & fixed my E-bike & realized that I should just start like this.......

 Having worked in this business for years, the only things that I have learned about most computer users/customers are that.

A:   They are dumber than fried sh*t

B:   That when they phone in with a question, the first word out of their mouth is usually "uhhhhh"

C:  Most like to click links & hose their OS. And then wonder why the computer is slow.

D:  And then the ones that have a friend/relative than is "good" with computers that tried to fix their system.

  I think I'll start with the people that call in & want me to "fix" their problem over the phone.....Yeah, that ain't gonna happen.

 Here's the scoop. Those of us that work at computer shops get paid by the owners to do work. Not to research crap or answer questions for free. While I'm sitting there listening to drone on about the friggin' recipe your aunt Bessie sent you & you can't get to print.....For 10 minutes..... My boss....The person who pays me.....Is looking at me & wondering "What the hell is that idiot doing on the phone for so long? He's not MAKING ME MONEY sitting there while 5 people are actually in the shop looking to buy stuff".

This happens daily.

Simple tip....Google is your friend.    Use it.     Type in your question & you'll get an answer.

Don't call me.

The time spent looking me up in the yellow pages is wasted.     Go away.

  I think this is a good start.  A bit rough but it will do for now

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