Monday, May 9, 2011

Connection issues?

So you can't connect to the internet?

  Before you call......

 Power cycle you "stuff".

 That means unplug your modem & restart....Then your router & restart.....And then restart your computer.

In that order.  You have to "reconnect" from the outside in.

Next.... As of late, the firewall built into your OS ( operating system ) is pretty good at taking care of your firewall.

 If you recently installed a new anti virus utility on your computer, it generally has a firewall protocol tha tries to protect you.

 Sadly, having 2 firewalls screwing with each other is bad.   Solution.    Disable the antivirus firewall please.

  Do this before you call me.       :D

Of course ensure your OS firewall is enabled....Also get your updates!!!

            Install your updates!!!!

Because just one exclamation point makes it better.

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