Sunday, October 10, 2010

You want me to what???

 My apologies for not posting for so long.

  Mrs. Rude has been away since the end of August and I've not had the time to whine about people due to travelling and work.

 Let the kvetching begin!!!

 My first nominee,

 This masterpiece spoke to his ISP ( internet service provider ) regarding his connectivity issues. ISP most likely ran the gauntlet of tests and then advised hin to use his restore discs. Now, for those of you that don't know what this does, it completely WIPES YOUR MACHINE AND PUTS IT BACK TO FACTORY SETTINGS!!

 No e-mails or contacts saved. No pics of your dead aunt Edna. Nothing. Nadda. Big fat fawking zero for old data.

 This would be like going to a gas station, asking the clerk about a "strange noise" your car is making and then when he tell's you to take your engine apart, do you?

A: Scoff loudly

B: Grab a snickers bar and pay for your gas.

C: Reach for a wrench and proceed to disassemble your car.

 Sadly, most folks out there think it's "C" when it comes to computers.

  So, this darwin award winner chose "C". Fired up his restore discs as he was told to do by his ISP ( who won't provide any support what so ever for reloading an OS, or pay to have his sh*t recovered  ) and then found out that his machine couldn't connect to the internet because HPs' restore discs didn't install all the required drivers.
 DOH!!!  Let's just call a computer shop and bitch about HP then now.... Guess who got this call.

  This time I won't elaborate on the call, but it was about 20 minutes of  "full metal retard".  

 We're talking weapons grade retard.

 Like I'm supposed to know why the huge corporation known as HP didn't provide the correct drivers and yadda, yadda, yadda.......kill me now... 

 I feel myself sinking......No where to hide....What to do?

 I toss our loser of the day the 1-800 number for HP support  :D

 You didn't buy the machine from one

 You listened to an ISP drone that reads off of a two

 You called me for free tech three

 That would be a big fat double f**k fail with a scoop of ice cream. Have a nice day. Enjoy your chat with the people that made money off of you...........Sucker.

You lose....Good day sir!!

Next up...Wireless printer fun.

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