Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ah yes. Calling for free tech support for crap we didn't sell you..

 Why is it that people just make sh*t harder for themselves? 

 Yes, I understand that for some you just have to print stuff. No problemo. Keep it simple & easy.

 Nope.      I want to set up a wireless printer.  Why?   No real reason,  I just don't like that "extra" cable.

 Cue the cavalcade of terror for a printer we didn't sell you........

So, they call us for support for the printer that they BOUGHT SOMEWHERE ELSE expecting us to troubleshoot it for free.

Sadly, Jimmy Jo Lee Bob, the guy at Best Buy, that sold you the printer was quite wrong when he told you that it would be easy to configure it for a wireless setup. 97% of the time these things are a PITA to setup.

If you have a hard time configuring a wireless router, don't even try a wireless printer.

Here's the low down. Stick with a hard wired printer. They're cheaper & easier to mess with. Besides, it's nice & easy to SHARE a printer on your network.

Or even easier, toss the file onto a USB thumb drive & print it from the computer hooked up to the printer

In a nutshell. If you want to do the printer network thing, call the guy that sold you the gear.

He made the money off of you.     We didn't    We charge to set up stuff.

Nuff said.


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