Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They should really make people get "computer licenses".

 I'll bet you $50 that you can probably tell someone the make & model of your car....

 Not that hard because you've used it for a few years normally.

So, why is it nigh impossible for people to know what operating system they are running?

 You use the same fargin' computer EVERY day.  It turns on....It even says "Windows....." with that stinkin' splash screen every time.

 Note to the wise or soon to be wise. Please ensure you have a few tiny nuggets of information handy BEFORE you call in to tech support.

 PC or MAC or Iphone or Ipad...

 Specific OS (operating system). If it's a PC, hold the "window" key down & tap pause break....Voila

 Mac...Click the little apple left...Then click "about this mac"....Voila again

  Another bone I have to pick is......LEARN HOW YOUR DEVICE CONNECTS WIRELESSLY!!

              Please.        Seriously        Little cool wireless icon     Looks like radar or a radio signal

Here's a funky little guide/how to for just about every OS/device out there

 I thank you all for enduring my whining.... You may now carry on.

Cheers :D

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